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  • Have a funded Tron wallet. See minimum required below.

               Tier-1:  USDT-TRC20 (100)  |  TRX (800)

               Tier-2: USDT-TRC20 (300)  |  TRX (900)

               Tier-3: USDT-TRC20 (700)  |  TRX (1,000)

               Tier-4: USDT-TRC20 (1,500)  |  TRX (1,100)

               Tier-4: USDT-TRC20 (3,100)  |  TRX (1,200)

  • If you don't already have a Tron wallet yet, add the Tronlink extension to your Chrome, Edge, Brave or Opera browsers.
  • If you prefer doing it on the phone, download the Tronlink wallet app.
  • If you live in the U.S., download and create VPN account (Log-in to a country other than USA)
  • Log-in to your Tronlink wallet
  • Rent energy from JustLendDAO. Rent 1.3 million per tier so if you will buy 3 tiers, rent 3.9 million energy. Momentum packs cost ONLY 250,000 energy to rent. This will allow a savings of 90% on fees for each purchase of a tier.
  • Pay attention to your energy. If done right, you will pay less than $4.00 per tier purchase. If done wrongm, you will end up payaing more than $50 per tier purchase.
  • Ask sponsor for the referral link if not already done so. Otherwise, use my link: 
  • Paste the referral link to the browser. Do this only after all other requirements above are completed.
  • If using smart phone, paste the link in the search box inside the Explorer (Android) or Discover (iOS) DAPP browser on the Tronlink App or Token Pocket App.
  • Create your username and check the "I agree" box. DO NOT check the Sharia Law box.
  • Follow instruction by buying Tier-1 first. It will tkae some time to process.
  • Buy additional tiers as needed.
  • Click HERE to open sign-up guide.
  • If you need any assistance at all, contact CaRLo HERE

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