This site was originally created to educate our circle of friends and family in trading stocks and options. It has since evolved to include finding opportunities in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance world, Smart Contracts, FOREX, Crypto, NFT, Metaverse).

The advocacy is to positively change people's financial lives by sharing acquired/learned knowledge and fully/highly vetted non-traditional opportunities to everyone willing to listen/learn. But "We can only bring the horse to the water, we cannot make it drink the water."

Expensive lessons were learned so hopefully we can prevent others from experiencing the same. Partnerships were made with other teams with the goal of coming up with the best research possible by following a set of criteria developed to enable a much deeper due diligence check when looking at investment opportunities

The rule when getting involved in any project is that it MUST be capable of being completely passive, meaning, there is absolutely no need to recruit anyone... Ignore any reference to the affiliate side. All the financial projects in this site will produce completely (insane) passive gains.