Knowing what you know now, if you are offered shares in a five month old subscription based COSTCO or Amazon Prime, would you grab them? Of course you would. Right now, we have an opportunity to be part of a company that will grow faster than those two companies did. It will give people a better standard of living. How is this possible? - - - > LiveGood. Where else can you find a business like this?

This is honestly the biggest no-brainer I've seen in a VERY long time... Potential monthly income up to $2,047 just from spillovers. I know that sounds crazy...but when you understand the comp plan, it all makes sense.

  • A one-time fee of $40 plus $9.95 for 1st month subscription, a total of ONLY $49.95 to get started. Then, ONLY $9.95 per month thereafter.
  • Or a one-time fee of $40 plus $100 for a total of ONLY $140 for entire year. Save $20.
  • ZERO requirement to BUY, SELL, or RECRUIT... ever
  • Click HERE to watch "My Massive Mistake" by Gloria MacDonald
  • Best home-based business for only $9.95 monthly overhead...just insane!!!

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Live Good is a Health and Wellness company that offers many inexpensive health, beauty, weight loss and more products. They even have healthy coffee and shakes. Each of their products are available for up to 80% discount off retail prices. Here are just a few reasons I like Live Good.

     1. Live Good is a making it easier to get and stay healthy. 

     2. Live Good has amazing recruiting system. It follows up with tour takers and does an excellent job of explaining the business to them.

     3. Live Good has a great pay plan - They pay weekly fast starts plus multiple bonuses and monthly pay. They also offer extra incentives to members.

     4. Live Good has regular presentation and training calls online explaining many aspects of the products and the business itself.

     5. Live Good products are very inexpensive compared to what's available at Amazon and other online retailers.

     6. Live Good does not require product purchase for members. Anyone who purchases a product does so because they want to - not because they have to.

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