Choose among several crypto exchanges below:

CoinZoom -based in Utah, USA

  • USDT-TRC20 available
  • TRX not available
  • Can immediately buy crypto but cannot transfer for up to 7 days unless funds are wire-transferred, then it is immediately available.
  • Purchase Fee: TBD
  • Transfer Fee: TBD
  • Network Fee: TBD - biggest crypto exchange 

  • For outside U.S., use
  • USDT-TRC20 available
  • TRX not available
  • Purchase Fee: 0.5% Buy/Sell Crypto fee. $1.63 on $325 USDT Tether order
  • Transfer Fee: TBD
  • Network Fee: TBD


  • USDT-TRC20 and TRX available
  • My favorite. Good to use for BTC & USDT withdrawals.
  • Buy crypto in One Click
  • Pay with the currency and payment method of your choice
  • Supports 70+ payment methods


  • Very quick KYC
  • Get BTC, USDT Trc20/Erc20 fast
  • An off shore entity


  • Singapore based
  • One of the lowest fees
  • USDT-TRC20 and TRX available

CashApp - mobile app ONLY

  • Easiest way to buy BitCoin
  • Only available in the U.S. and U.K.
  • Contact me for the invitation link so both of us will earn $5.00 from CashApp
  • Download from App Store 
  • Must be verified in order to send BTC out to another wallet. Watch video HERE
  • Verification could take 48-72 hours
  • Click HERE for guide in buying BTC thru CashApp


  • Buy PLEX here
  • Supports USDT BEP20


  • Easy buying of crypto
  • BNB not available. Can buy XLM, transfer to wallet and swapped for BNB BEP20 or Smartchain (same thing)
  • Purchase Fee: Varies. About $5.00 for a purchase of $325 USDT Tether)
  • Transfer Fee: Zero for USDT Tether transfer to a wallet
  • Network Fee (Transfer): it may vary based on network usage. (I've seen it as low as $3.46 to $8.83 for a $325 transfer to HyperVerse receive code)
  • Will hold your first-time purchase for 5-7 working days before you can transfer it to your wallet.

  • Easiest for buying BNB and transferring to Metamask, SafePal and Trust wallets
  • Can also be used for purchasing USDT (Tether) 
  • Purchase Fee: 2.99% on each purchase (FREE first 30 days)
  • Transfer Fee: charges $25.00 for each transfer to a wallet
  • Network Fee: TBD
  • International Fee: some banks like Bank of America charges an additional 2.99% fee because is located outside U.S.
  • 24 hours wait after whitelisting a receive code
  • Apply for the debit card and earn CROs

MoonPay (not an exchange)

  • USDT-TRC20 and TRX available
  • Click HERE for the guide in buying crypto using MoonPay