Create TronLink Wallet

  • Add Tronlink extension to your Chrome, Brave, or Opera browsers on desktop or laptop
  • Download Token Pocket wallet from AppStore or Google Place (optional)
  • Create account
  • Write down and SAVE the 12 mnemonic phrases
  • Store to a safe place
  • Do NOT share with others
  • Losing your mnemonic phrase will prevent future access to your Tronlink account if you lose access to your computer or smart phone

Add Tronlink Extension to Chrome or Brave

  • Search “add Tronlink extension to chrome”

Add Tronlink Extension

Pin to TaskBar

Create Wallet

  • Click on Create Wallet

Agree to User Agreement

  • Scroll down all the way to the bottom
  • Click on "I agree"

Create Wallet

  • Type Wallet Name
  • Choose and type password twice
  • Pay attnetion to password requirement

Back up Wallet

  • Click on Back up Wallet

Enter Password

Back Up Mnemonic Phrase

View Mnemonic Phrase

Verify Mnemonic Phrase

  • Verify three times

Wallet Creation Complete

Add USDT to Wallet

  • Click on the plus (+) sign
  • Click on USDT plus (+) sign
  • Go back to main Tronlink page