How to Rent Energy


  1. Make sure you have at least 1,000 TRX (add about 100 for each additional tiers you plan to purchase)
  2. Log-in to your Tronlink wallet
  3. Go to
  4. Connect wallet to rent Energy
  5. Click on "Connect when prompted
  6. Type amount and duration. Click on Rent now
  7. Enter Amount
  8. Click "Close" Transaction Sent
  9. Start your tier(s) purchase(s) 
  10. Click on End Now when done. Your TRX will be credited back to your Tronlink wallet

Connect Wallet

Connect to Tronlink


Enter Amount and Rent Now

  • If only one tier is to be purchased, you can get away with amount of 500,000. It will take about 240 TRX from your wallet.
  • Add additional 250,000 for each additional tier to be purchased
  • Set Duration to only 1 day


Transaction Sent

End Now