Bridge Bit Card

Introducing Bridge Bit, the pinnacle of Crypto Cards, setting a new standard in the industry.

Discover its exceptional features:

- Seamlessly usable internationally
- Facilitates transactions of up to $150,000 USD each
- Monthly spending limit extended up to $175,000 USD
- No cumbersome proof of assets required during card acquisition
- Instantaneous top-up capabilities via Web3 or payment gateway
- Broad range of cryptocurrencies accepted for loading
- Convenient cash withdrawals of up to $2,000 USD daily and $20,000 USD monthly at ATMs
- Streamlined KYC process, requiring only document submission—no selfie or live call necessary
- Swift access to the Bridge Bit Card within 2-3 business days post-KYC completion
- Lucrative compensation plan spanning up to 20 levels, complemented by a one-of-a-kind crypto product

Take advantage of our presale phase, featuring an enticing 20% discount!

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