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You are here because we either met and discussed about the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) opportunties or we belong to the same circle. Information on this site is from years of experience in the stock, forex, and crypto markets. The focus is trading in the DeFi and other non-traditional ways.

  • Do you already have more than ONE source of income? 
  • If you have rental income, are 2 mortgages affordable if the world stops again?
  • Are you happy with your retirement account's performance the last 3-4 years?
  • For U.S. residents, do you believe there will still be social security funds left when you retire?
  • After the collapse of SVB & other major banks, is your money still safe in the bank?
  • Are you aware of the feds' attempt of implementing the CBDC?
  • Are you prepared for the possible collapse of the US dollar? Google the "BRICS".
  • Are you aware about DeFi projects which can potentially 10x or more your gains?
  • Are you truly DIVERSIFIED? Are your funds NOT in ONLY one basket?
  • Do you already own metals such as gold and silver?

If the answer is NO to any questions above, explore the site starting with Blockchain Sports (Limitless) and contact us for information or guidance.

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