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If you know about cryptocurrencies, you probably understand how mining works. However, one type of mining that may seem unusual to you is using your smartphone to mine cryptocurrencies.
Every economically interested person has the right to access financial resources that will help him realize his interests and meet his needs. The crypto-mining market has recently significantly expanded and strengthened, becoming one of the promising areas. Even regulated financial institutions see a high demand for cryptocurrencies from their customer base. At the moment, there is no simple, intuitive mobile tool in mining that could attract new members of the crypto community without difficulty and additional resources.
Liquid Mining is a revolutionary mobile application with built-in elements in the Web 3.0 paradigm, which will allow users to immerse themselves in the complex process of mining coins without their own computing power and software configuration skills. Liquid appeared as a result of analytical work, long-term statistics, professional equipment management, innovative technologies and interaction with the global crypto community.
Our mission: to make mining accessible and convenient for humanity.


Multimining is an innovative tool that allows miners of any type to choose promising startups at early stages before they go public, which has been identified by the Liquid Mining team.
The principle of multimining is the optimization and reallocation of power by the user to coins selected based on the criteria of the analytical department.
Primary information about projects is studied simultaneously with technical and fundamental analysis and testing with mining power.
Primary criteria for studying information:
  • project's social networks;
  • developers and CEO;
  • previously implemented projects;
  • alignment of the road map and tokenomics;
  • jurisdiction and financial reports;
  • initial investors and funds supporting the project;
  • consensus algorithm;
  • specialized software.
The work of the analytics department on multi-mining strategy continues even after the formation of the "list of selected coins". Continuous monitoring of projects that are interesting for GPU mining is carried out. Evaluation of such projects is performed based on individual criteria:
  • listing on different exchanges;
  • price;
  • trading volume;
  • network hash rate dynamics;
  • mining difficulty;
  • release of updates.
Liquid Mining allows you to build the most up-to-date portfolio of coins, and with the active work of the partnership direction, the list of coins and partners will be regularly updated, providing all new opportunities and expanded choices when building a strategy.

Real Mining

Liquid Mining provides users with a unique opportunity to plunge into the real mining process. As a rule, mining consists of three main components: a wallet, mining software and mining equipment.
One of the distinguishing features of Liquid Mining is that it does not have its own token. This, in turn, has a number of advantage
  1. A large selection of coins: Users can independently choose the coin they want to mine, which gives greater freedom and flexibility
  2. No risk of the token price falling: If the application has its own token, its price may fluctuate, which may affect the profitability of mining. Without your own token, there is no such risk.
  3. Ease of use: The application is easier to use, as users will not have difficulty exchanging the coin or storing it.
Our priority is transparency of interaction with the client. We invite you to join us and start earning with Liquid.


After you register on the marketplace, you will immediately be able to start your journey to earning cryptocurrency. To do this, you will need to buy a minimal set consisting of three main elements: a video card, an installation fee and energy.
The video card is the heart of the mining system, it is responsible for calculating complex mathematical problems necessary to generate new cryptocurrency blocks. An installation fee is necessary to accommodate the components of the mining system, including video cards. The last, but no less important element is energy. Cryptocurrency mining requires a large amount of energy to maintain the operation of all components. Therefore, when you build your mining system, it is important to take into account the cost of energy supply and choose the optimal solution for your needs.
On our marketplace, the user will be able to buy unique NFTs of any of the eight categories, which represent a unique collection of Liquid Plus.
Liquid Plus is a unique collection of digital art, which presents various elements related to the world of cryptocurrency mining. It gives an idea of the high-tech and energy-intensive process of mining cryptocurrencies, and the collection as a whole serves as a visual representation of the power and complexity of this rapidly developing industry.
You will be able to purchase various components for mining, such as:
  • GPU;
  • Installation fee;
  • Rig with six cards;
  • Empty rack;
  • Rack with four rigs;
  • Empty container;
  • Container with four racks;
  • Batteries with electricity.
Each of these elements can be acquired as a separate NFT. But if you collect all the parts together, you will be given a bonus.
  • For a rig assembled with six video cards, the user has the opportunity to activate the Boost function on their rig and receive a +10% mH/s to the sum of 6 GPUs.
  • When four units are assembled as a rack, energy consumption is reduced by 10%.
  • When assembling four racks into a container, energy consumption is reduced by 15%.
Don't waste your time on technical setup and invest your resources into what truly interests you - create a unique mining farm in our app.


Liquid Mining offers various ways to work within the app depending on the user's interests. If you want to test your mining skills and try to assemble your setup yourself, the site has NFT components that you will need to assemble later in the app. For those who want everything at once, without wasting time on assembly and installation, the site has assembled rigs, racks, or containers to choose from.
Liquid Mining offers maximum convenience and security for clients to purchase mining components within the app. You can purchase either already assembled setups or all components separately. During the listing of collections, you can purchase NFTs with USDT.
Save not only money, but also time by assembling your setup in the Mine-2-Earn project of Liquid Mining

Data Centers

Adequate power will be provided through the large number of data centers under the control of the Liquid Mining team worldwide, capable of accommodating a vast number of installations.
Additionally, data centers are equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure, including backup power sources, cooling systems, and network equipment, to ensure maximum uptime and performance for our clients.
Each data center is located on secure premises, equipped with comprehensive security and fire systems. We also have strict monitoring, maintenance, and disaster recovery protocols in place to ensure that the data centers are always operating at maximum efficiency.
All installations are under the careful supervision of qualified specialists. You can be confident that your installations are in the reliable hands of the Liquid Mining team.


Decentralized identification is a new ideology according to which identification data should be stored only by the person it represents. Users can create and control their digital identities and not depend on third-party service providers. Decentralized digital identification (DDID) is a decentralized system that aims to transform the current centralized management of identification using blockchain technology.
We strive to provide users with secure and seamless access and take all necessary measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data.
The Liquid Mining team does not have access to users' personal data and app wallets.
You can fully control your payouts and wallet information, having the ability to track all relevant details in the app and customize payout limits at your discretion.


Regardless of the country and region of residency, the cost of the purchased electricity will always be accessible and fixed. The consumption of electricity by the rig depends on the power of the components used and the currency. 
In our app, users can refill their electricity by purchasing NFT energy cans. Our marketplace offers NFT energy cans of different capacities, such as 1000, 2000, and 5000 kilowatts.
For a user with a full rig and six GPUs, the Liquid Mining app provides the opportunity to restore energy at a rate of 150 kW per week. During the restoration of energy, the rig's wear and tear process does not stop.
Maintaining the functionality of the rig is not a problem, as the user can effectively use their resources in the Liquid Mining app.


In real life, it is impossible to freely and without restrictions increase the power of your equipment to mine more coins.
For users of the Liquid Mining app who have assembled a setup of 6 GPUs and a case, the Boost function becomes available for activation, upon launching of which the current hashrate is increased by 50%.
However, it should be noted that when using this function, energy consumption increases by 50%, and equipment wear increases by 100% during Boost is active.

Wallet Reserve

If a user does not have a wallet for a particular coin, they can still start mining it but will not receive any payout for the mined coins.
The coins will be accumulated and recorded, and after the wallet for that coin is connected and the payout limit is reached, the coins will be sent to the specified wallet.
The Liquid Mining app will remind the user of the soon-to-be reached payout limit and the need to connect the wallet.


Our app combines complex mining processes with gaming mechanics for a full and simpler immersion into the world of mining. Users are involved in building setups and mining coins using simple and understandable tools, as the profitability of mining depends on the best coin choice, setup assembly, and power redistribution.
The mine-to-earn concept in Liquid Mining means players can earn real cryptocurrency by participating in the gaming process through NFT mining setups that they can purchase and then use to mine various cryptocurrencies.
The more mining setups, the more players can earn cryptocurrency. Players can also join several mining setups into larger ones, such as racks or containers, to increase mining power for more coin yield.
The goal of the game is for players to profit from their efforts in choosing the coin for their rig setup, monitoring and optimizing performance, and making strategic decisions on which coins to mine.