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Ultron Staking Hubs are the best Plan B ever! You get paid in ULX coins which are already 10X in value in just 6 weeks. Start earning passive rewards today, here’s three reasons why you can’t afford to miss out…

1️⃣ Hubs are magical packages of ULX coins. Each ULX coin generates 0.2% profits daily (6% monthly) The more ULX you have, the higher your passive rewards become.

2️⃣ As the ULX price increases, the value of your hubs and earnings also increase.

3️⃣ If the price goes up by only 2X you’ll get 50% less coins, so grab double the amount today!

See how much you get in the example above. Enjoy passive rewards living without depleting your magical Ultron Hub. Introducing your new BFF! 💞👯‍♀️

We have the best opportunity on the planet with the most solid and fastest moving blockchain project in the world. Yet I don’t think anyone is really getting a sense of urgency of what we’re trying to do. If you could travel back in time and help people to get into Bitcoin and Ethereum at the start of those projects you would jump at the opportunity.

The Ultron blockchain project is the first and only Layer 1 blockchain with its own native applications and it transacts at super lighting speed compared to Ethereum and its cheaper to transact.

There are over 20,000 coins and tokens out there needing a Layer 1 blockchain to transact through and Ultron is going to become the hottest most talked about platforms on the planet as we gain more and more recognition.

Ethereum more than x16,000 in price at its highest so just imagine where we can go with the ULX coin! Already more than x10 in its first few weeks everyone and there is so much more to come.

Don't waste this opportunity of a lifetime as they don't come very often and we are here right at the beginning. The next wave is going to start coming at as quicker than we think. Let’s try and move some energy so others don’t miss out. 🙌 ✨

Already at 10X in 2 months!! 5 ways to earn, 4 are passive. Find out why this opportunity has got some serious edge. 🙂

The Ultron project comprises a top tier (Layer 1) Blockchain, DeFi, Celebrity NFTs, Gaming, FIFA Football 2022 Metaverse & More!
8 weeks ago - their ULX token was at 0.01 (1 cent)!

Whether you're already into crypto or not - It's time to consider Ultron as a project to diversify with in your savings portfolio:
You could earn 6%-9% A MONTH... So at least 73% - 107% gains per year, for up to 5 years - passively, on your staked hub! 👍

It’s a SLEEPING GIANT in the Defi and gaming industry, with some big players involved - and ULX / Ultron is already prelisted on the world leading crypto platforms including Binance, Coinbase - with Kukoin listing it as a top trending earner.

It only launched 2 months ago, 3 years in the making and some of the same people behind ETHEREUM, SOLANA, FANTOM and POLKA DOT, have developed ULTRON.

Big industry influencers as well as wealthy financiers are behind the project and the best thing is that the coin hasn’t even hit the markets yet.

The 5 year road map is incredible.

Entry is as low as $300 ($100 in most countries) - staked for the next 5 years.
You can earn 6%-9% A MONTH... So at least 73% - 107% gains per year, for up to 5 years

- passively (no real extra work) on your staked hub! 👍

They are saying it could potentially be THE NEXT ETHERIUM in the DeFi gaming industry….we could be looking at 3-4 figures value of these coins!

If the coin gets to $5 then that’s 1600 USDT ($1600 equivalent) passive income on your $100 per month, so it's an absolute no brainer.

3 Way Passive Earnings via fast growing digital areas: Defi, Metaverse and NFTs - with celebrities involved.

And if you're new to crypto, this is a gentler, more sustainable and low time consuming, passive way to get into it...

Feel free to DM me for details.

ULTRON - The future of DeFi Explained

Layer 1 and Why Ultron is Different


Dear MaVie members! Here are simple how to videos on withdrawing the funds from your backoffice ⬇️

📌From back office to Metamask. Swap from wULX to ULX. ULX to USDT. ➡️

📌How to add Ultron mainnet to Metamask ➡️

📌How to add wULX to your Metamask ➡️


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These quick access proof points make it transparent to see why Ultron is everyone’s fast favourite, and why The Collective Team has also got some serious edge! Enjoy! 😎🙌

Ultron (ULX) is a Bitcon (BTC) / Etherium (ETH)-like story in the making.

  • As of 2022 Oct 27, ULX is worth $0.09512 per coin
  • A $300 capital will yield 3,000 ULX coins
  • ETH had an all-time-high (ATH) of $4,891
  • What if ULX only hits 1% of ETH's ATH? Multiply $48.91 to the amount of ULX in your wallet and see the potential
  • ULX purchased thru MaVie earns 6% - 9% (from staking) monthly so even if the price stays the same, it will earn more than 100% yearly
  • Would you rather get a congratulations or the dreaded "I told you so" later?
  • We all have wasted $300 on worthless things, many times in the past, why not take a chance on this?
Timing trumps Talent every single time ⏳
Every Single Person is earning a Daily Residual Income passively with our ULX Coin staking and multiplying more everyday is pure genius 🧐
Ultron's Massive Ecosystem is Revolutionary 👇
✅ Ultron Mainnet Launch
✅ Ultron Blockchain Explorer
✅ Staking Contract Deployed
✅ Staking Hub NFTs Successfully Imported
✅ Daily Rewards 0.2% Starts Today
✅ Smart Contract Audit By Solidity Finance
✅ Whitepaper
✅ Tokenomics
✅ 10 Validators Deployed
     - Crosschain Bridges(To All 5 Blockchains)
     - Ultron Staking Hub Explorer
     - API Integration To Mavie BO With NFT Hubs
     - DEX (xULX Staking, Farming, Swapping)
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