Best For Purely Passive Contributors

  • D.AI.SY (Decentralized Artificial Intelligence System) is the holy grail of passive income.
  • EndoTech used to cater only to 105+ financial companies with minimum $1 million and $125k yearly fees.
  • Dr. Anna Becker (EndoTech co-founder/CEO) wants to offer the A.I. trading system to retail investors. 
  • Over 17% average gains the past 16 months.
  • No experience is required.
  • No need to learn how to trade.
  • Automatic compounding. (Mon-Fri)
  • Set it, fund it, and forget about it.
  • Totally hands-off. Make money in your sleep.
  • D.AI.SY should be the starting point of your financial planning.

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Current D.AI.SY Forex Stats 2023 Aug 18

The performance of the DAISY Forex trading fund has been nothing short of incredible! 📈🚀

          🔸 Trading fund has crossed $467 Million

          🔸 1,047% returns since 4 April 2022 

          🔸 759% Annual Return 

          🔸 219,593 crowdfund contributors

          🔸 16 Winning Months

          🔸 0 Losing Months

Interview with Susan Bachelder

D.AI.SY 18-minute overview

Click HERE for an in-depth presentation (46:00 minutes) by Pacesetter Gold Leader Michael Faust

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Monthly Average Gain of 16% the Last 17 Months

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