10-Minute Macro Overview of D.AI.SY

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Why D.AI.SY? Because...

The performance of the DAISY Forex trading fund has been nothing short of incredible! 📈🚀

          🔸 Trading fund has crossed $643 Million

          🔸 1,492% returns since 4 April 2022 

          🔸 804% Annual Return 

          🔸 234,153 crowdfund contributors

          🔸 22 Winning Months

          🔸 0 Losing Months


Engaging in financial market trading carries substantial risks and may result in either gains or losses.

We provide overall profitability indicators and performance statistics using the earnings of a participant in the DAISY crowdfunding model as as examples.

Past trading achievements do not assure future trading success.

The content presented here is intended for educational and informational purposes only and does not serve as personalized investment advice.

You bear full responsibility for your actions and decisions based on the information provided.

Best For Purely Passive Contributors

  • D.AI.SY (Decentralized Artificial Intelligence System) is the holy grail of passive income.
  • EndoTech used to cater only to 105+ financial companies with minimum $1 million and $125k yearly fees.
  • Dr. Anna Becker (EndoTech co-founder/CEO) wants to offer the A.I. trading system to retail investors. 
  • Over 13% average gains the past 22 months.
  • No experience is required.
  • No need to learn how to trade.
  • Automatic compounding. (Mon-Fri)
  • Set it, fund it, and forget about it.
  • Totally hands-off. Make money in your sleep.
  • D.AI.SY should be the starting point of your financial planning.

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1,492% Return Last 22 Months

Did you know that if you take the gross monthly Forex trading profits each month from April 2022 to now and compound them each month so that each new month is trading the last month plus profits you end up with  over 1,492% of compounded profit so far!!!

Talk to most professional trader, investor, or entrepreneur and they will tell you those are crazy numbers and are too good to be true.

Is this year's trading results as good as last year? No.

Are the results getting better and expected to be better again over the coming months? It certainly looks that way.

Not more importantly don't get flippant or casual about the fact that even with our lower than past results this year we are still performing at a level that any investment fund, hedge fund or pension fund would dream about.

It helps to always have the right perspective when evaluating this opportunity.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Click HERE for the full disclaimer.


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