ALADINO is where real AI based Altcoin mining meets network marketing.

Earn Bitcoin daily – right before the next bull market! Earn from 0,2% daily (1,000$ package) to 0,6% daily (50’000$ package) and withdraw real Bitcoin.

Business model: Real Altcoin mining using artificial intelligence. Smart algorithms decide what currency the most profitable Altcoin is.

Public figures: There will be public faces with a positive track record. One of them is a popular figure in the mining space.

Legality: ALADINO will be registered in one of the most reliable jurisdictions which is Switzerland. Limited supply: Become part of the elite VIP club and secure your mining hash before all equipment is sold out.

Compensation plan: Take advantage of the very attractive and competitive unilevel marketing plan with huge earning potential. Earn rank and infinity bonuses by participating in the career system.

Momentum guaranteed: Well known leaders with great connections in the industry are jumping on board and creating momentum already. Leader placement likely to happen 10-15 September. Account funding will follow 1-2 weeks later. Join our Telegram channel to stay up to date:

No ref links will be posted there!!! Invite your troops!!! Stay tuned and see you at the top!

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