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✅ There is no Presale Token ->
Small group of investors cannot dump on the token. This will create a positive effect on the launch.

✅ Low Barrier to Entry ->
Minimum $49 to get started. Affordable compared to other programs/projects.

✅ Upgrade packages ->
You can pay the difference instead of the Full Amount.

✅ Smartcontract ->
Instant withdrawals, no withdrawal fees, no waiting time.

✅ Fully Decentralized ->
You don't need to claim commissions like other programs. It comes straight to your wallet.

✅ No Autoships/Subscription Service ->
No monthly subscription. One time purchase of for the lifecycle of the NFT shoes. Upgrades available.

✅ No Volume Flush ->
No need to maintain volume to keep your position in the compensation plan.

✅ No Deranking ->
Once you qualify for a rank/position. You won't lose it unlike some programs.

✅ No change in Comp Plan since coded on the Smartcontract ->
That gives a peace of mind for Promoters / Team Builders.

✅ Upgrade Package via Profits ->
You can upgrade package using the profits you earned through walking, jogging and running.

✅ Proof of Concept Available ->
Previous Move-to-Earn programs available in the market.

✅ Lucrative Comp Plan ->
Make upto 46% of the sign up bonuses at Double Platinum.

✅ Repurchases create more Residual Income ->
Ability to earn commissions continuously while customer becomes profitable through the lifecycle of their NFT shoes. (Win-Win)

✅ Create a Full Time income and become Wealthy ->
Trainer, Coach & DOC

✅ No KYC Required ->
No personal documents, Verification or No Age Limits. Anyone who has a Smartphone, Decentralized Wallet and BNB Smartchain can participate.

Note: I am not your Financial Advisor, this is for Education Purpose Only! Always do your due diligence before you participate.