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  • Do not waster your money with ProTrader. It is not worth the frustrations you will have to endure.
  • He migh have some skill and experience and some luck to turn $1k to $1m before but that is where everything ends
  • He is very horrible PERSON, period.
  • Total disregard for everyone's money
  • More than 100 of us paid $2,599 for a copy trader to turn $1k to $1m challenge but it ended up in a disaster
  • First week (18-22 Sep), everyone lost. I lost $800+. Blamed someone messed with the copy trader... No sense of responsibility at all. And since we have no choice, I added that $800+ to start another week of trading.
  • Second week (Sep 25-29). The week started great where at, one point the total balance was $2,100 by Tuesday. By Friday morning, my total was almost zero. Again, the blame was from another member making some trades on their own.
  • No sense of responsibility whatsoever. When asked how he is going to fix the issue, rudely answers everyone. 
  • See below copy of IG conversation... and get this, I was very respectful... honestly just asking what he is going to do about it since the situation we are in now is not the fault of 99% of the members of the challenge.
  • Have the audacity to mock me on his channel. I would have not mind losing the capital if it was on the trades itself and not because the copy trading has some flaws where other people could ruin it for everyone. 
  • He just woudn't take responsibility of the fact that he did not check the copy trading to make sure that none of what happened would make people lose money.
  • It might not have been his fault personally, but becasue it is his project, he has full control of it, he was solely responsible for its integrity and safety... but sadly no, he says he is only human and we the members will need to suffer...

Proudly posted how rudely he replies to his members

Again, Posted my private conversation with him

More post on his Telegram group about our conversation

I will probably get dropped from the challenge