• AI powered automated bot trading trading the NASDAQ, Mon-Fri
  • Crypto trading will be added soon for 7/24 trading
  • Developed by Quopi Ltd., a UK-based financial software company
  • 100% automated, strong past results, daily reporting
  • Minimum staking amount is only $10
  • Only 5% commissions on successful trades
  • Gains are deposited to your wallet daily
  • Capital is withdrawable after 30 days
  • No prior trading experience required
  • No need to learn how to trade
  • No more being glued in front of your monitor all trading hours
  • Create your account, fund it, and forget it

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Numbers that speak for itself
  • How Does it Work
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  • To open an account

Trading History 18-28 Jul 2023

  • Gains during week of 2023 Jul 24-28:  9.71%
  • Gains during week of 2023 Jul 17-21: 12.48%


Sign-up Guide

  • If you already have a crypto wallet, you can use any of the below crypto to fund your account
  • If you don't have any crypto yet and you live in the U.S., CashApp is the easiest way to buy crypto.
  • Click HERE for information on recommended crypto exchanges and/or contact CaRLo for guidance
  • Ask your sponsor for his/her referral link or use mine below
  • Click on the referral link to sign up https://quopi.ai/invite/winatt

Click on Get Started

Click on Register

Set up Account

  • Ensure the upline (sponsor) is correct
  • Type name
  • Type username
  • Type email
  • Enter passwsord twice
  • Complete the captcha
  • Click on Register

Start Staking

  • Click on the blude circle

Create a Stake

  • Select currency
  • Click on Outer Wallet
  • Enter amount to be staked
  • DO NOTClick on automatic re-stake
  • Click on Stake Quopi AI Trader

Invest in Quopi

  • If your crypto wallet is on your phone, you can try to send the funds by scanning the QR code
  • If you have your wallet on your computer, you can copy the receiving address.
  • Ensure amount is correct before sending


Staking Details

  • Click on Save

Your Stakes

  • Go back to main page.
  • You should then see your staked amount
  • Congratulations!!!